Designing with Coloured Masonry


Choosing the right coloured masonry can help enhance the overall design of a project with different shades, textures and materials within masonry blocks complementing the surrounding environment. At Baines Masonry we have developed a wide range of colours that suit a variety of design styles and as such help enhance their physical surroundings. 

Our segmental masonry block wall systems, the Tasman and Norfolk masonry blocks, along with our cantilever masonry block wall systems, such as split-face, smooth, polished and honed blocks, provide an array of colours to suit any retaining wall design, while also providing unique opportunities to use and mix textures. Each colour provides an array of hues which when the light is altered by brightness and angle provide a unique point of design. 

Our range also includes a variety of rock finishes, in rough and smooth textures, which provide an aesthetic complementary to the Australian natural and urban landscapes. The Naturestone range is available in a split face and honed finish, providing a traditional stone element in any design. The Stoneface range is available in a rough stone finish in four different blends including bush rock, charcoal, opal rock and yellow rock blend.


As often it is hard to visualise your project when selecting your masonry block and design features such as colour and texture, we at Baines Masonry have developed an online Masonry designer tool. Baines Masonry Designer builds visualisations of walls, freely mixing different blocks, mortar colours and laying patterns, providing you with confidence when making decisions. Try it today!

At Baines Masonry, we have a colour and surface finish to suit almost any design or project. To discuss what colours and textures would best complement your design, talk to one of our industry experts!




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