Product Focus – ColourStone Easy-Pave

Baines Masonry ColourStone Easy-Pave is an attractive medium-sized square paver that is easy to lay and economical. 

Made in a range of colours from highly durable concrete it’s suitable for both residential and commercial projects, including:

  • Residential pedestrian walkways and footpaths
  • Residential driveways with medium traffic for domestic vehicles
  • Around pools and landscaped terraces
  • Public footpaths and pedestrian malls

All pavers are treated with a special additive to improve their performance and appeared. With colourfast technology pigments are long-lasting, meaning that they will not fade or look washed out over time. Colours are natural, reflecting modern design tones and the natural elements of the Australian landscape. Colours available include:


Their composition ensures that they are strong and durable, with slip resistant properties which make them safe and fit for purpose. They are made from sustainable materials making them environmentally friendly, and easy to lay due to their compact size (190mmx190mmx40mm).

For more information on our paver range and how you can incorporate unique designs using pavers contact one of our industry experts.

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