Product Focus - TR Tar, Gum & Rubber Remover Specialty Clean

Choose this specialty cleaner for many outdoor hard surfaces where difficult-to-remove tar, gum or rubber create an unsightly appearance.

Cleaning outdoor hard surfaces can often be tricky, with tar, gum, rubber and paint often staining and eroding the surface, especially in high-traffic areas. The SRW TR Tar, Gum and Rubber cleaners removed such stains and revitalises pavers, designed specifically for the harder stains.

Ideal for spot treatment, the TR Tar, Gum and Rubber remover, is used across a variety of different surfaces and textures with coverage varying per application. They are perfect for:

  • Pavers
  • Concrete
  • Wetcast
  • Natural Stone
  • Clay/Brick

Its formulae, which rinses clean with water, makes cleaning tough stains easy. For more information contact one of our industry specialists. 

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