Design considerations of Cantilever Masonry Walls

Cantilever walls are a common solution used to retain soil or similar earth material, playing a vital role in sustaining the structural integrity of a site and or project. While the design is important, several practical factors must be considered when designing a retaining wall using a cantilever block system.

Design considerations for a cantilever wall are important with calculations of the pressures exerted at any point of a wall being influenced by various factors. The height of the water table, the nature and type of soil, the subsoil water movements, type of wall being constructed and the materials used in the construction of the wall, can all have an impact on the stability of a structure.

Inadequate design and consideration of such factors can result in the failure of a wall system either immediately or after some time. Such failures can include a wall moving into a sloping position, a wall exhibiting a curve on its surface, a crack appearing or the complete wall collapsing. It is recommended to have a builder or engineer advise on the correct methods of preparation and installation.

At Baines Masonry, our cantilever block systems deliver the structural integrity required to secure a project while providing an aesthetically pleasing design to suit any style. With a range of supplementary SRW products available, including geofabrics and other soil containing solutions, we provide a ‘one-stop-shop solution’ for your retaining wall needs.

To learn more about our cantilever block and SRW Products range, contact one of our industry experts.

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Designing with Coloured Masonry

Blocks for Architects

Architectural Masonry is the evolvement of standard grey concrete masonry blocks into a diverse range of aesthetically pleasing concrete masonry blocks. They can be used as a stand alone or in conjunction with other masonry materials. Baines Masonry’s range of Architectural Masonry blocks not only provide functional value but are also durable, incorporating various colours and textures.

Baines Masonry’s range of Architectural Masonry include:

Split Face

Split Face masonry units are integrally coloured pre-finished architectural concrete blocks with a beautiful, rough-hewn texture on one or more faces. Units are moulded with two units attached face to face. The units are then mechanically split apart after having been cured, leaving the split face with a rough texture, similar to natural stone. The splitting process reveals the aggregates used in the block, so different aggregates will give different appearances and no two units are exactly alike.

Coloured smooth blocks

Smooth Face is the finish of the standard block but made in one of our natural colours resulting in a wall which is both attractive and economical. Smooth Face blocks are often used in combination with Split Face blocks to great aesthetic effect. We make Smooth Face blocks to order in 3 thicknesses for both commercial and residential projects. All smooth coloured blocks are manufactured with a water repellent admixture to add to their quality.

Honed and polished blocks

Honed and Polished blocks are the natural choice when you’re seeking distinctive highly finished walls that have been designed with a careful eye to detail.

Honed Blocks are blocks that have had their face ground off exposing the aggregates in the product resulting in a subtle matt like finish. Aggregates can either be chosen to contrast or not, with the products matrix colour.

Polished Blocks are the highest finish available and are the result of first honing the face off then polishing that face with finer and finer polishing heads. Polished blocks being considerably more expensive are often used to great effect to ‘highlight’ details or for special entrance or feature walls.


The system uses the Henrick patented system of adhering natural stone to structural masonry blocks. The system involves using high strength, purpose neutral-cure adhesive, and 316 stainless steel marine grade pins which are fixed mechanically to the top and bottom, ensuring each unit’s structural integrity. Its natural stone face finish makes it idea in the Australian landscape and design scene.



StoneFace™ is an innovative new concept in architectural masonry which draws inspiration from the Australian landscape and Australian heritage buildings to create a unique and eye-catching stone finish. A system was created where a reconstituted stone face finish is attached to the masonry block during the manufacturing process, creating a clean and stable finish that lends itself to a variety of uses from feature walls, retaining walls, fences and more.

Masonry Designer Software

To aid in the design of a project, Baines Masonry have developed an online Masonry Designer Software which allows you to select the colour, block type and layout. The result is an electronic visual of your project, taking the risk out of your design choices as making a decision can sometimes be hard when the outcome is not clear.The possibilities are endless, as you can mix colours and block types while creating numerous examples.

To discuss our range of architectural masonry and how it can elevate your next project, contact one of our masonry professionals.

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Stage One: Greenwich House

When building a home with an extensive number of building materials available, the choice is critical to ensure not only your house is built structurally sound but also to an aesthetically pleasing design. This is something the owners of this home in Greenwich are conscious of.When designing this project the Baines Masonry block range was an easy solution.    ... Read more

Product Focus – NatureStone® Retaining Wall System

Designing a retaining wall that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing can be difficult. Our NatureStone® Retaining Wall System is constructed with a natural stone, in either a rock or smooth finish, making it the perfect wall against the Australian Landscape while being structurally sound.

A part of the BelleStone™ range of products, the NatureSone® Retaining Wall System is easy to lay and reinforce, cost effective and provides a complete system for a wall project, inclusive of wall blocks, capping, corner returns and sills.It uses the ‘Hendrick’ patented system of adhering natural stone to structural masonry blocks. The system uses high strength, purpose neutral-cure adhesive, and 316 marine grade pins, fixed mechanically to the top and bottom of the masonry block. These elements insure each unit’s integrity.

Construction and engineering of the NatureStone® block using this method enables builders to gain an advantage when building their projects. The lighter weight of the blocks better enables tradesman when block laying, making it an easier and quicker process. The design of the blocks gives engineers the ability to use standard design tables, while also ensuring the project is to standard with AS3700 and BCA compliance. The system also has ecological and sustainable development benefits as the Betta Blocks used are created using recycled materials and less concrete.

To visualise your project using the NatureStone® Retaining Wall System, use our New Masonry Designer Software!

To discuss the benefits of NatureStone or any of our other masonry products talk to one of our experts.

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