Product Focus – SRW SB3 Spundbond Geotextiles

SRW Spunbond polypropylene geotextiles are commercial grade landscape fabrics with high puncture resistance. Spunbond geotextiles have high water flow creating excellent permittivity. 


  • High water flow/permittivity
  • Easy to cut, easy to use
  • Puncture and tear resistant
  • Weed control


  • Behind retaining walls
  • French drains/drain fields
  • Gardens/planters
  • General landscaping

To use SRW Spunbond polypropylene geotextiles in your next project, contact one of our experts.

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The importance of retaining wall drainage

Retaining walls are an important element in architectural design, playing a vital role not only in aesthetics but also by providing structural integrity to a landscape. Retaining walls allow for steeply sloped masses to be utilised, creating a balance between the walls vertical forces and the lateral forces of the soil above the retaining walls footings. Without preparation, this balance can be unsettled when external influences are placed on the wall, such as rain.  ... Read more

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