Designing with Coloured Masonry

What’s in a Colour? Pantone Colour of the Year

Described as an animating and life-affirming coral hue, with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge, this year’s Pantone Colour of the year is Living Coral 16-1546. Baines Masonry Block’s range of colours complement and provide contrast, especially when designing with Living Coral.

Moving away last year’s Ultra Violet 18-3838, this year’s colour is said to embrace us with warmth and nourishment to provide comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment. Appearing in the natural environment, Living Coral represents a fusion of modern life, the influence of nature and the online digital world, and as such is a perfect colour for design; both indoor and outdoor.

Using Living Coral within a design can bring opportunities to create unique spaces with impact, whether painting a feature wall, adding accent pillow, paving a driveway or building an outdoor entertainment space. With the warm tones it blends well with both natural and modern design styles, which are translatable over time and will not date as per previously used design elements.

At Baines Masonry Blocks, we provide a broad range of masonry blocks, pavers and sleepers in a variety of colours that complement the use of Living Coral and varying design styles. The main colours available include opal white, Appin stone, bush rock, charcoal, Oakdale, Penrose, yellow rock and red rock. Similar to Living Coral, the Baines Oakdale colour is a similar tone and warmth, providing an opportunity to design a project based entirely on this year’s Pantone colour; Living Coral.

To aid in the design of a project, Baines Masonry have developed an online Masonry Designer Software which allows you to select the colour, block type and layout. The result is an electronic visual of your project, taking the risk out of your design choices as making a decision can sometimes be hard when the outcome is not clear.The possibilities are endless, as you can mix colours and block types while creating numerous examples.

Contact one of our masonry block specialists to discuss how colour, including this year’s Pantone colour of the year, can be utilised for your next project.

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Choosing the right finish and colour for your project

Choosing the right finish and colours for a project is important as the choices determine the tone for the area and can determine the success of the project. To take the risk out of the designing process, the team at Baines Masonry have put together some tips, and have also developed online tools to aid in the designing and specification of your project.

Matching a colour can be difficult, especially if there has been time between stages of the project, as there is often a variance in colour between batches of manufacture and different brands. Instead of matching colours opt for a different shade, lighter or darker, which will complement the existing design and create a cohesive look.

A neutral shade can be a safe choice as they blend well with a wide colour palette and also provide flexibility for future changes.Another alternative is to pull out accent colours. For example, use one of the less dominant colours from stone or block. This will emphasize particular colours within the stone which may have otherwise not been noticeable.

Try using different textures in your design which can create a point of differentiation. Blocks can have a stone finish, rough split face, smooth, polished and honed surface. For example, to create an interesting point in the design of a smooth wall, a row of split face blocks can be run along the second course of blocks. This can make an otherwise plan wall look striking.


The online designer tools, developed by Baines Masonry, are available to help you design your next project. The Masonry Designer Software allows you to select your colour, block and layout, and then produces an electronic visual of your projects. The possibilities are endless, as you can mix colours and block types while creating numerous examples. The team at Baines Masonry understand that making a decision is hard when you’re not sure of the outcome. This program takes the risk out of your design choices. 

Baines Masonry have also developed a new Fire & Acoustic Calculator which is a simple tool that takes the guesswork out of specification and gives builders, designers and contractors the peace of mind that they are able to comply with industry requirements and significantly reducing their exposure to liability.

For more information on the types of blocks available from Baines Masonry, the online tools or to talk to an expert, click here.

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Online Designer Tools by Baines Masonry

At Baines Masonry Blocks we not only aim to create the best quality products, we also look for ways in which we can help our customers use our products. In doing so, we have created two online tools useful for any project; the Baines Masonry Blocks Fire & Acoustic Calculator and the Baines Masonry Blocks Wall Designer Software.  ... Read more

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