Product Focus – SRW Premium Stone Seal

After an investment in stone, whether it be for a retaining wall or paved driveway, it’s important to always protect your stone surfaces. Our SRW Premium Stone Seal range is perfect for all types of stone, offering sealing and protective properties ensuring the longevity of use.  ... Read more

Designing with Coloured Masonry

Organic appeal with masonry blocks

Creating spaces with natural finishes has become increasingly popular when designing homes, with many homeowners wanting to incorporate outdoor spaces inside. Masonry blocks provide the answer!

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Ensure your outdoor space works

With increased populations in suburbia leading to smaller homes with shrinking living spaces inside the home, outdoor spaces have become more valuable to residents. Not only are people entertaining outside more, but their outside areas have become an extension of their inside spaces, often with dining and entertainment areas now being transferable between indoor and outdoor.

Create outdoor rooms

Use your limited space wisely by assigning specific uses for each area. This will ensure all spaces are utilised and everything has its place which is important for storage and small back yards. To help create room’s outdoor flooring, such as pavers, can be used to show a designated area. Using garden beds and pot plants to surround an area can also provide a clear division between areas, while also adding to the aesthetics of the design.

Incorporate your Green Thumb

Having a garden can seem impractical in small areas, however with the introduction of vertical gardens and the clever use of pot plants, a garden can be introduced easily. Vertical gardens provide a great opportunity to grow your own herbs and vegetables while also not taking up precious space. Incorporating pot plants can be beneficial if you don’t have the space top plant also as they can be moved around as the seasons require and can also be introduced inside.

Small landscaping upgrades

If your home didn’t come with much landscaping, or even worse, it’s basically a small patch of dirt and you can’t afford extensive landscaping, consider a fire pit, water feature or pizza oven to create a focal point and social area. A stone fire pit instantly makes a place to hang out during the winters and it’s a great addition to a small yard. A fire pit can be made easily from masonry blocks or be already assembled, either way, it can be an effective means of creating impact.

Multipurpose is key

Create spaces that have multiple uses, such as outside dining area that can be changed into a cinema. Creating multiple uses for space creates greater opportunities to use an area and get the most out of your spaces. Also using multipurpose furniture is another means to maximise your outdoor spaces. For example, an ottoman can be used as a seat or a coffee table.

Contact one of our masonry experts to see how our products can help maximise your outdoor spaces. From retaining walls, paving patios or creating a fire pit, we have a solution for your next project!

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Product Focus: SRW CG Counter Guard Seal

Distributed by Baines Masonry Blocks, the CG Counter Guard creates an invisible barrier of defence for outdoor countertops, benches, and work surfaces.  ... Read more

Product Focus - SRW Mulch Stabiliser

Keep your mulch looking amazing all season long with this must-have landscaping product. It can even be used on sand and dirt in decorative areas to control dusting.  ... Read more

Caring for Pavers

Stage One: Greenwich House

When building a home with an extensive number of building materials available, the choice is critical to ensure not only your house is built structurally sound but also to an aesthetically pleasing design. This is something the owners of this home in Greenwich are conscious of.When designing this project the Baines Masonry block range was an easy solution.    ... Read more

Design for Summer Entertainment: Water Features

With increasingly warmer days in Australia, our outdoor spaces have become an extension of our indoor space. Particularly when it comes to entertaining we want our yards and landscapes to be more than BBQ space but to become outdoor living spaces. At Baines Masonry, we have a wide range of water feature products that can elevate your outdoor areas.

Our water feature collection features a selection of materials that complement a wide array of design styles and landscapes. Some of our water features are crafted from copper, others from natural stone, reconstituted stone, light weight fibre cement, resin, or terrazzo.

We also feature a selection of decorative garden pieces and pots. To ensure quality each piece is handmade and as such they can be customised to suit your specific needs and to deliver the versatility discerning home owners demand.

We provide a vast, ever-evolving product range with something to suit all budgets. The latest addition to the range are a copper collection, which includes large handmade copper walls, troughs and outdoor lighting.

These products work well with their matching range of contemporary charcoal coloured water features, bowls, and pots, available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

To discuss how you can use our water feature products to transform your open-air spaces into outdoor living areas that everyone can enjoy year round, contact us!

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