Product Focus - Penetrating Paver Seal

Our SRW Penetrating Paver Seal is a water-based paver seal which not only protects your pavers from any expected wear and tear but also provides an extra level of protection from the harsh conditions of the weather.  ... Read more

Product Focus – SRW Penetrating X-Treme Wetcast Seal

At Baine Masonry, our SRW Penetrating X-treme wetcast sealer delivers protection against damaging elements while preserving the natural look of the stone surface.  ... Read more

Product Focus – SRW Premium Stone Seal

After an investment in stone, whether it be for a retaining wall or paved driveway, it’s important to always protect your stone surfaces. Our SRW Premium Stone Seal range is perfect for all types of stone, offering sealing and protective properties ensuring the longevity of use.  ... Read more

Product Focus: SRW CG Counter Guard Seal

Distributed by Baines Masonry Blocks, the CG Counter Guard creates an invisible barrier of defence for outdoor countertops, benches, and work surfaces.  ... Read more

Caring for Pavers

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