Benefits of light weight Masonry Blocks

While new wall systems become available as innovation and design evolve, it is often the proven construction systems that are best for effective and efficient construction. Baines Masonry’s BETTA BLOCK™ is one such block system providing environmental, structural, aesthetic and economic benefits.

The Baines Masonry BETTA BLOCK™ is made of 65% heavy industry by-products, reducing the amount of landfill generated from coal fired power stations and steel making industry. It uses 40% less cement then normally required with the addition of Discrete Super Fly Ash, resulting in 40% less CO2 emissions and up to a 45% lower carbon footprint than other masonry products

The BETTA BLOCK™ is a structurally sound option for building any project, ensuring longevity not only in design but in use. While the BETTA BLOCK™ light they remain strong with a compressive strength of more than 15MPa, complying with Australian Standards AS/NZS 4455.

The BETTA BLOCK™ “H” Block has a dry weight of less than 10.5Kg, making it the lightest full block available in the range. A lighter block means more product per load, reducing the transport impact on the environment and reducing freight costs. Its light weight also reduces injury risks and OH&S claims, ensuring a safer working environment with happier and more productive employees, adding to a cycle of further economic benefits.

The BETTA BLOCK™ provides an industrial but modern design aesthetic which is easily mixed and complemented by contrasting materials, such as timber, stone and metals. It provides an opportunity to use a variety of different colours, or keeping to a monochromatic tone. With options to cover with insitue stone or rendering the design possibilities are endless!

For more information on our BETTA BLOCK™ range and how our lightweight products can save you money, contact one of our industry experts!


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Sustainability with Baines Masonry Blocks

Using masonry blocks for the construction of your next project is a sustainable choice with several environmental benefits over other solutions in the market.

The material, a combination of concrete and aggregates, creates a low maintenance product which lasts longer. This not only reduces the environmental impact of producing more material, but also provides more financial value as replacement products are not needed. At Baines Masonry, our blocks are made from recycled material further enhancing it sustainable properties.

Masonry Blocks can also reduce the energy consumption of residents of a building, as the structure is able to sustain its temperatures for longer, providing insulation during the cooler and warmer months. The consistent temperatures lowers energy costs by moving peak loads to non-peak hours due to the longer hours of sustained temperature, while ensuring the comfort of those inside.

Due to the ease of movement of masonry blocks and their size, the construction requirements for masonry blocks are kept to low. Without the need for large equipment the impact on the environment is lower than other products on the market.

Not only are our masonry blocks sustainable, we at Baines Masonry have considered what is best for the environment in all aspects of our business. Our production facility at Appin, south of Sydney, has been configured to lower embodied energy, reduce greenhouse gases, increase recycling, eliminate water pollution, and preserve local fauna and flora.

To find out more about our masonry blocks and how they can transform your next project while also providing a sustainable solution, contact one our masonry experts today!

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